Is Batik Air the same as Lion Air?

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Is Batik Air the same as Lion Air?

Yes, Batik Air is the same as Lion Air. +1(802) 209-2600 It is a subsidiary of the Lion Group of services, which is an Indonesian Airline. It is a budgeted airline that you can choose to fly with. It flies to more than 15 domestic destinations and over five international destinations. The airline provides budget friendly experience with good quality products and services. 

Is Lion Air a Good Airline?

Lion Air is a low-cost airline that flies to multiple stops in international and domestic airports. Based in Jakarta, it is one of the largest based airlines in the country. There are various reasons why you can choose to travel with them. 

Services Provided by the Airline 

The various services that the airline provides are listed below: 

In-flight entertainment: You can choose to opt for in-flight entertainment if you're planning to fly on Lion Air. You can opt for this with the help of the customer service team. 

Comfort items: You can get several comfort items, such as a duvet, pillow, turndown, etc., on the aircraft if you have a premium or elite class booking with Lion Air. 

Premium check-in, Priority Boarding, and priority baggage services: If you are a loyalty member or you have an elite class booking with the airline, you can choose to get various services that they provide to their customers.

Magazines and Newspapers: You can also get additional reading materials on board so that you can read and spend your time on the aircraft. For this, you will have to go through with the team and then get it requested from the team. 

Arrival assistance: You can get assistance at the airport on arrival from the ground staff. The staff will help you to the best for you. 

Lounge Access: You can access lounge facilities from the team with the airline. You can access the lounge at the arrival airport. 

Reasons to fly with Lion Air 

There are various reasons which make Lion Air a good and reliable flight to fly with. A few of the ultimate reasons are as follows: 

No-flight delays: You will rarely get any delays with Lion Air. You can travel with them if you wish to get flights on time. Unless it is bad weather at the arrival or departure destination, there are seldom any delays. 

Hygiene: If you are traveling with Lion Air, it is a one-time experience. The flights are hygienic, and you can travel with ease. 

Comfortable journeys: if you are flying with Lion Air, you can get comfortable journeys due to its comfortable seats. Fly with them, and travel in comfort. 

Which one is better, Batik Air or Lion Air?

Neither Batik nor Lion Air can be said to be a better airline as both are the same; hence, no comparison can be drawn. 

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Is Batik Air a safe airline?

Yes, Batik Air is a safe airline. According to Skytrax, it is a three-star-rated airline for the quality of products and services it provides to its customers. And as per International aviation standards, you can, without a doubt, fly with them. They have seen the least failures during flying, which makes it a safe airline to fly on. 

What is the previous name of Batik Air?

Batik Air was initially known as Malindo Air. There are many people who are confused about the formal name of the airline and search for the other name. Batik Air is a Malaysian-based airline that provides flights to more than 32 destinations in both domestic and international locations. 

Its headquarter is situated in Petaling, Malaysia. 

Who is Lion Air owned by?

Lion Air is a low-cost air carrier that is a subsidiary of PT. Langit Esa Oktagon (PT. LEO Group) that comes under the wider Lion Group. They provide frequent flights to various destinations hence becoming the leading domestic flight service provider. 

Who is Batik Air affiliated with? 

Batik Air is affiliated with Lion Air group, which is an airline based in Indonesia. It is a group that comprises several airlines which serve many locations in Indonesia and in selected parts across Asia. They provide 694 additional routes to more than 157 destinations. They offer economical flights to various destinations. 

Is Batik Air under Lion Group? 

Yes, Batik Air is under Lion Group. Along with Batik Air, Lion Air, Wings Air, Batik Air Malaysia, and Thai Lion Air also come under this wider airline group. It began its operation from 2013 and is believed to cover approximately 31 domestic destinations and one international destination till date. 

Has Batik Air ever crashed?

Yes, Batik Air has reported a flight crash two times. Following incidents report a flight crash of Batik Air:

  • Sixteen injuries were reported by Batik Air Flight 6380 on 6 November 2015 since the flight overran the runway during landing. 
  • Batik Air Flight 7703 reported a collision with another aircraft during takeoff on 4 April 2016. No casualties were reported during this incident. 

Who is the owner of the Batik?

Batik Air comes under the parent company Lion Air group, whose CEO is Rudy Lumingkewas. 

Batik Air's headquarter is situated in Jakarta, Indonesia. So basically, Batik is owned by Lion Air Group which comes under PT. LEO Group Indonesia. 

Is Batik Air a full-service airline?

Yes, Batik Air is a full-service airline. It provides various inflight entertainment facilities to the Business-class passengers along with a variety of food and beverages. Additional services can be purchased by travelers by making additional payments. They also provide comfortable seating options. Customers have the facility to select a different traveling class to experience its amazing services. 

Is batik air the same as Malindo air? 

Yes, batik air is also known as malindo air. Batik Air Malaysia is a Malaysian full services carrier that is the associate carrier of Indonesian lion air group, and their headquarters are in petaling jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Their original name is Malinda, which signifies the cooperative pact between Malaysia and Indonesia. 

Who is the owner of Malindo Air? 

The owner of the malindo air is batik air Malaysia/the parent organization, and is also owned by lion air, lion air group, and the national aerospace and defense industry. 

Why did Malindo change to Batik Air? 

There is the reason behind the changes in malindo to batik air is that the rebranding exercise with the lion group's goal is to establish the exact identity of complete services with the same airlines. Due to these changes, batik air is enhancing its business for seamless transfers, leveraging KLIA as a transit hub for the lion group of airlines. This thing is normal in these businesses, and for that, they make their business higher. 

Is Lion Air same as Malindo?

Now, malindo or batik air is a full-service airline that is a subsidiary of lion group, which is today officially opened up all three new flight routes. If you think that these airlines are all similar, then you need to read this article to clear the misconceptions, and for more information, you can also visit other articles. Below are the following all three routes are mentioned:-

  • Jakarta to Batam to Jakarta. 
  • Jakarta to Jakarta to Lombok. 
  • Jakarta to Palembang to Jakarta.

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