What is Boutique Air Baggage Policy?

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What is Boutique Air Baggage Policy?

Passengers are serious about the baggage they can carry while booking the flight. If you have planned a ticket reservation with Boutique Air, below are the terms and conditions shared for Boutique policy. What is Boutique Air Baggage Policy? Keep reading to avoid any issues related to your luggage while boarding the flight. Flyers are permitted 1 personal item, and 1 Gate checked bag/ 1 checked bag. More than this will be included as Excess Baggage. 

Is Your Baggage Excess The Allowed Limit? 

The standard size for a personal item is 9x10x17 in. Apart from this, Carry-on & Checked baggage standard rollaboard is allowed up to 9X14X22 in, including handles and wheels. The excess bag is also allowed of the same size as carry-on & Checked baggage. But, due to limited space, if the airline doesn’t accommodate the excess baggage in the flight, it will arrange the space in the next available flight. As per the Boutique airline policy, travelers are responsible for picking up their baggage. 

The airline offers oversized baggage/special items above the carry-on and Checked Baggage dimensions. All excess and oversized baggage travel status can be inquired via standby/space available status. 

Boutique Air Terms And Conditions

Here are the guidelines for the convenience of the passengers: 

  • Generally, Boutique Air doesn’t ask for baggage fees. 
  • The flight doesn’t have overhead and under-seat space for baggage. So the personal item should fit on the passenger’s lap. 
  • The baggage must be checked at the gate/ ticket counter to load into the luggage compartment. 
  • It allows excess luggage without Boutique Air Baggage Fees based on space availability. However, with limited space, sharing this privilege with all passengers is impossible. Thus, first come, first served is applied. 

Special Items Instructions 

Wheelchairs: Wheelchairs that don’t fit in the cargo hold of a flight will not be permitted. If your Wheelchair folds completely, it can be treated as Oversized Baggage/ Special Items. Moreover, Powered wheels aren't welcome on the flight. 

Medication: The restriction of two carry-on bags does not include medical supplies, mobility aids, and equipment. Pack medications in the carry-on baggage in their original labeled container for smooth screening at airport security. Prescribed medication is excluded from liquid restrictions. 

High-Value Fragile Items: The airline doesn’t suggest packing high-value, fragile and perishable items in the checked baggage. And Boutique Air isn’t responsible for any damage or loss. 

What Happens If Boutique Air Loses your baggage? 

For the loss, delayed, or damaged checked baggage/ personal items by Boutique Air. The airline will pay the object's market value at the time of the misplacement. But it will not reimburse:

For no connecting service, $500 per passenger. 
For interline, when the airline flight segment includes the same ticket as connecting flight segment of another airline, over 60 seats are $3500 per flyer and in case of 60 or fewer seats, are $ 500. 
To claim the amount, you have to fill out the Baggage Claim Form. To know more about Boutique Air Baggage Allowance, visit the website. Follow the airline on social media platforms to get information about special deals to book cheaper flights. 



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