Can I Cancel My Balkan holiday?

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Can I Cancel My Balkan holiday?

How good it becomes when there is one point solution to all the queries. Similarly, Balkan Holiday offers services to tourists, for example, accommodation, food and drinks, sightseeing at your destination, and many other things that are required to be added to the memories. Also, all these are covered under a single cheap package. Suppose you have booked your package for the Balkan holiday, but now you want to cancel it due to some reason. And you are wondering whether you are allowed to cancel the booking. So, you are advised to look at the points mentioned below:

  • Yes, you can cancel your bookings with Balkan Holidays in case of any emergency you have come across due to multiple other scenarios. 
  • But one must keep in mind if you do not cancel your reservation within the time frame, you will indeed get a refund from Balkan Holidays, but there will be a deduction fee which is charged by the agency. 
  • In case you have any further doubts, you can get assistance from their customer assistance team on their phone number, where you will be offered complete resolutions to your doubts. 

Balkan Holidays Cancellation Policy

It is always recommended to go through the policy in order to avoid any charges that are incurred by the agency, no matter if you have booked a flight, hotel, and other essential services. So, you are requested to go through the points that will give you a brief idea about its policy; please have a look:

  • Suppose you are willing to cancel your reservation before the departure; you are advised to inform the Balkan holidays in writing to get it approved. 
  • One must keep in mind that any insurance premiums and change charges will not be refunded.  
  • Suppose any unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances come up. In that case, you are permitted to cancel your holidays before the departure without any cancellation charges that are usually imposed by the agency but ensure to inform the agency in writing before your departure in order to avoid any charges imposed by Balkan Holidays. 

What are The Cancellation Fees Imposed by Balkan Holidays?

  • The Balkan Holidays cancellation Fee depends on various aspects, and for this, you are advised to go through the points that will indeed give you a brief picture:
  • The fees depend on the period you inform the agency about your cancellation. And make sure to notify the agency in writing before the departure in order to avoid any issues. 
  • If you cancel your reservation, charges are always imposed on the basis of the period you cancel before the departure. 
  • If Balkan Holidays cancel your reservation or holidays, then you will be offered a refund as well as compensation based on the period of cancellation from your departure; for example, if they notify you of your cancellation between 14-8 days, you will be given £15. And for further information, you are advised to visit the official website of Balkan Holidays. 

Hence, you will not be refunded your 100% amount, and the cancellation will always carry cancelation charges imposed by Balkan Holidays. 

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