What is The Cheapest Month to Fly to Bangkok?

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What is The Cheapest Month to Fly to Bangkok?

Bangkok is among the popular tourist destination for holidays. The cosmopolitan culture of Bangkok attracts tourists from all over the world. Bangkok always has a large tourist population that sees this place as an opportunity to live a life apart from their routine and have the taste of a new culture and lifestyle for a while. But visiting Bangkok can be a hustle sometimes as you have to decide the amount of money you are ready to spend on your trip. The maximum amount of money planned for a trip gets spent on the flight booking. To make your trip get covered under budget, there are a few things that are required to be followed.

The Best Month To Book A Flight For Bangkok

If you wish to get a cheap flight ticket for Bangkok, in that case, you are required to book your flight ticket in the cheapest month. The cheapest month to fly to Bangkok is November as in this month people don’t usually prefer to go there because of the climate. This is not necessarily important for you to visit the place in the off-season, but you can make your booking in advance in that month, as the tickets will be cheaper.

Low Season September Average 34% drop in Price
High Season November Average 38% increase in price
Cheap Flights $442 Flight from Seattle to Bangkok 
Average Price Round-Trip $281 Price over the last 2 weeks
Good Deal with Round-Trip $295 Very less

What is the Cheapest Day of the Week to Fly to Bangkok (Thailand)?

Ideally, the best time of the week to book the flight ticket for Thailand will be Monday. The flight cost will be the highest on Friday, in any month of the year. The cheapest day to book a flight for Thailand gets decided on the basis of people. Monday is usually the free day for the airlines as people don’t prefer the first-day o the week to travel anywhere. Apart from the cheapest day of the week, there are many other ways to make the reservation of your flight ticket at affordable prices.

What is The Cheapest Airport to Fly into Thailand?

If you wish to fly to Thailand, from the United States, or any other place, it will be a long hauls flight, and the first thing that comes to mind is how to make the flight ticket cheaper. There are many ways through which you can make your flight reservation more affordable. Still, if you wish to make your reservation cheaper by going to the cheapest airport available, in that case, you should book your flight ticket for Bangkok and then from there to Thailand.

As Bangkok’s international airport, Suvarnabhumi is the cheapest airport to fly to Thailand. The passengers can save almost $200 if they book their flight for Bangkok from Suvarnabhumi airport. So, you better book a flight for Bangkok from a low-cost airline, stay over a night and then depart for Thailand to have a fantastic weekend or a lovely trip with your favorite group of people or just a single special person if that is the case.

Apart from making a reservation from Suvarnabhumi, there are other ways to book your cheap flight ticket. Some of the tips are mentioned here for you as follows.

Low-cost Airlines- You may not get all the luxury, but you will find the best comfort at affordable prices if you opt for the low-cost airlines flying internationally. They ensure you get all the comfort and luxury simultaneously; they will save much of your flight budget.

Book in advance- When the departure date comes closer, the ticket price gets high, especially when you wish to fly during the festive or high-demand season. That is why it s advisable for the passengers to make the reservation of their flight ticket in advance and avoid the unnecessary charges you may have to pay if you go for a last-minute booking.

Make a reservation online- If the passengers opt for an offline reservation, in that case, they may have to pay extra for their flight ticket as administration charges or taxes. If you wish to make the reservation relatively cheaper, make the reservation of your flight ticket online at affordable prices.

Last-minute flights to Thailand- last minute flight tickets are often pricey, but if you have a thing for luck in then, there are chances that you can get the best flight prices for Thailand if you make the reservation at the last minute. Making the reservation at the last minute is a gamble, and it all goes up or down as per your luck.

What Airline is Best to Fly to Thailand?

Here is a list of five domestic airlines in Thailand, as it will automatically become cheaper for you t make a reservation for Thailand if you opt for the domestic airlines of Thailand.

Bangkok Airways- The first on the list is Bangkok airways, the regional airline based in Thailand that will provide you with the best deals to make a reservation of your flight ticket for Bangkok. The airlines allow passengers worldwide to make a reservation at affordable prices.

Thai Airways- Thai Airways is the world's best economy airline. It also provides the best prices for making a reservation for Thailand. Make a reservation with Thai Airways and save a significant amount on your flight fare.

Air Asia- One of the cheapest options to fly for Thailand as well as one of the most significant airlines. You‘ll get the cheapest flight ticket, especially when you make the reservation online without paying the extra charges.

Tips to make the Bangkok Cheap Flight Booking

Advance Booking- One of the most basic tips to make the booking at lower prices is making the booking in advance during the off-season. If you make the booking in the off-season, you’ll have better chances of making the reservation at lower prices.

Budget Airlines- You should opt for the budgeted airlines; if you book the flight ticket with budgeted airlines, then there will be a better option to make the reservation at affordable prices.

Find your reservation online- If you make the reservation online, in that case, the airlines will exempt many taxes and discount the passengers. When the booking was made online, in that case, the passengers didn’t have to pay the service tax, administration charges, and more.

Different departure airports- Check the prices of your flight ticket from the same destination from different departure and arriving airports. Make sure you have a general idea about the prices before making the reservation for your flight to Thailand.

Cheapest Time To Fly To Bangkok (Thailand)

The cheapest time of the year to make a flight reservation for Thailand will be from April to October. There is no ideal time for booking a flight ticket for Thailand, but people usually prefer going to Thailand in the cool and dry weather. If you wish to live your vacation in Thailand to your fullest, in that case, you should visit the palace in April to have the perfect beach experience. If you want to make the booking with as many advantages as you can get with the flight ticket, in that case, you have to make the reservation of your flight ticket one year in advance.

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