Is Delta better than Southwest?

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Is Delta better than Southwest?

Airlines like Delta and Southwest are the most preferred among passengers around the world because of their facilities, technology, and 24 hours services. However, if we compare Delta airlines vs Southwest airlines, then much more information will come out that will help you in knowing about better airlines from both of the airlines. You can follow the below mentioned points that make it easier for you to choose a better airline without any hassle. 

  • Delta operates over a wide variety of aircrafts; on the other hand, Southwest operates on the Boeing 737.
  • Delta offers international journeys to over 50 countries, and Southwest takes passengers to 10-plus countries, such as central America and the Caribbean.
  • Delta provides different class seat options, such as first class and premium economy seats, and Southwest offers seats in every cabin, the same as economy class. 

So on the basis of several factors like a number of routes, benefits under a loyalty program scheme, basic economy facilities, in-flight entertainment, and pet friendliness, Delta is the favorable option for most of the passengers over Southwest. So booking a delta flight makes your process shorter and easier. 

What is The Difference Between Delta and Southwest Airlines?


  • You can opt for the Delta if you are living near a hub. 
  • You need to have perks of elite statuses, such as access to airline lounges and premium class cabins.
  • Moreover, if you are traveling a mixed route of international and domestic destinations. 
  • Delta Airlines operated on hub and spoke type model programs in order to connect their routes.  


  • You can opt for the Southwest if you are taking heavy items, and luggage means if you are a heavy packer. 
  • You can fly with the Southwest if you primarily fly within the US. 
  • If you are not seeking the luxury travel perks, then Southwest will be the best option to fly. 
  • Southwest operates via point to point carriers. 

Is Delta or Southwest Safer?

If you are comparing Delta and Southwest on the chart of the safest airline, then you will be happy to know that both airlines provide the safest journey to their passengers, but the difference is that the southwest airline deliver the safest flight experience at a low cost to their passengers whereas Delta charges quite expensive tickets, but the services and safeties are similar. So Southwest won the comparison. 

Are Delta Seats Bigger than Southwest? 

Yes, the delta seats are bigger than Southwest; the seats are great and made up of soft synthetic blue leather, which will hold the passenger in a place so that anyone will not fall while sleeping. 

Whereas southwest seats are quite good, but it is not bigger than the Delta and also not fancy. If you are over six feet, then it can be problematic for you to travel with this airline. 

Does Delta have more legroom than Southwest? 

Yes, Delta has more legroom than Southwest. Delta has 31 - 32 inches of space so that you will be comfortable while sitting and enjoying inflight services, whereas Southwest has 30 inches of legroom. 



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