How do I contact Gulf Airlines?

+1(802) 538-7023

How do I contact Gulf Airlines?

Need assistance booking your flight tickets with Gulf Air? You canceled your reservation but don't know how you can apply for a refund request confused about the baggage policy? If you are asking this question yourself and looking for a way to contact Gulf Airlines customer service, then continue reading.

Ways to connect with Gulf Airlines

Via Phone call:

When in an emergency situation and needing to contact Gulf Airlines immediately, the passengers tend to use the Gulf Airlines phone number to connect with a representative of the Gulf Airlines. If you want to understand how you can get the contact information, follow the steps below.

  1. Saudi Arabia. Local number: 013 510 9595.
  2. United Arab Emirates. Local number: 02 6516888.
  3. France. Local number: 0033170489499.
  4. USA & Canada. Local toll free number: 1 888 3594853.
  5. Pakistan. Local number: 021 3565 4483.
  6. Morocco. Local number: (+212) 532855800.
  7. Singapore. Local number: (+65) 63475834.

Manual Cannect Official Website

  • You need to go to the official website of Gulf Airlines.

  • On the home page of Gulf Airlines, look for the Contact us option and click on the option.

  • When the contact us page appears on display, you will be able to use the call us option.

  • You need to choose your region and click on the next option.

  • The customer service number available for your location will be displayed.

  • Dial the given number and then listen carefully to the instructions given by the automated voice.

    • Press 1: to choose the preferred language.

    • Press 2: to purchase the tickets with Gulf Airlines.

    • Press 3: to cancel the reservation.

    • Press 4: to get the refund.

    • Press 9: to talk to a representative of Gulf airlines.

Via live chat:

The live chat option helps in various situations. If your calling service is weak or you cannot make a call, you can use the live chat option to connect with a Gulf Airlines representative.

  • Visit the official page of Gulf Airlines.
  • Then look for the contact us option on the home page.
  • Click on the contact us option and then look for the chat icon available on the contact page.
  • When the chat window is opened, wait for the representative to be online.
  • You can start sending your queries once you have been assigned a representative. 

Via Social media:

If you are following Gulf Airlines on any of the social media sites, you can click on the direct message button and send a text message to Gulf Airlines. If you are not following Gulf Airlines, you can use the links below and connect with Gulf Airlines through social media

Via Email:

If none of the above methods are suitable for you, you can always use the email option to send your queries to the Gulf Airlines representative.

  • Go to any of the browsers and search for the Gulf Airlines website.
  • Click on the link and wait for the page to load.
  • On the home page, look for the contact us option and click on it.
  • You will be directed to the contact us page. You need to click on write to us option.
  • Give the details such as your email address, name, and contact details.
  • Write down the questions you have in the text box.
  • Lastly, recheck the information you have given and submit the form.

Is Gulf Air need a PCR test?

Gulf Air has made its COVID policies flexible for the passengers, and some of the important guidelines are given below-

Policy for the passenger who has the Kingdom of Bahrain as their final destination 

  • All passengers who had their final destination in the Kingdom of Bahrain will not need a negative PCR test to board.
  • Passengers who are traveling through Bahrain International Airport to take an international flight will need to follow the traveling requirements by IATA Travel Centre before the journey and do not need a negative PCR certificate to pre-board the flight.
  • Passengers are suggested to refer the authorities to see if their travel documents will get accepted at the borders and if they meet the language necessities.
  • Passengers with a special medical condition that stops them from wearing an ask for a prolonged period of time will need to get clearance from Gulf Air before the departure date by filling out the "Carriage of Medical Passengers" form, and this clearance will be checked by the ground staff during security check-ins. 

Passengers who have a medical condition and have clearance will still need to wear the face mask during the following-

  • When you are entering the airport terminal building and when you are passing through the common areas at the airport terminal then, you need to wear a mask.
  • When you are checking in or boarding the flight, then you will need no wear the face mask, but it can be removed for short intervals to refresh.
  • During the flight, when the passenger is on board and if you are seated, then you can remove your facemask, but you will need to wear it again while you are using the lavatory and while deboarding the flight.

How do I complain to Gulf Air?

Gulf Air provides multiple methods to help a passenger in sharing their positive or negative feedback with the airline. If you have faced any issue with the airline and want to complain about it, then you can use the contact form, phone call, and email option, which is available for all passengers. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to file a complaint-

  • Go to the official website of the airline at
  • Now you have to locate the Help & support option on the official website.
  • After choosing the option, you will be directed to a different page, and from there, you have to choose the Contact form/ Feedback form method.
  • Now you have to choose the reason to contact- Complaint, Compliment, and query. After selecting the reason, choose the department from which your query is related to baggage, refund, compensation, group booking, flight reservation, special assistance, etc.
  • Now a form will be shown on the screen, and you have to start filling out the information which is asked on the form. Enter your personal information, flight reservation details, description of the issue you faced, attaching supporting documents, and, lastly, your contact information.
  • After rechecking all the details, submit the form, and you will get a response from the support team within 5-10 working days.

Where is Gulf Air's head office?

The Gulf air head office is located in Manama, and its address is Gulf Air P.O. Box 138, Manama Kingdom of Bahrain.


You can also use the call-back feature to receive your Gulf airlines booking number for your check-in process. Check out the website for more information.



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