How do I Contact Qantas Airways?

+1(802) 538-7023

How do I Contact Qantas Airways?

Whenever an airline ranks with 4 or 5 stars, it means that the services of its flights are best in cleanliness, comfortability, premium cabins, meals, passenger assistance, instant medicinal help, the highly dedicated crew along with the luxurious lounges at the airports.

Qantas is a huge international airline that has received 4 stars for its facilities. If you have ever been a passenger of this airline, you would know its services. But if in the trouble times you have faced any inconvenience in Qantas, then you should have an answer to How do I get through Qantas Airways? And all the methods available for you. Check them below:-

Phone call:- Qantas lets the passengers share their experiences and ask questions if they have any through the Qantas Airways phone number 1 (800) 227 4500. Now, what should be done on call check-in steps:-

  • Once you make a call to the airline, first choose any one language and continue the call.
  • An IVR that controls the calling system of the airline will share the topics related to which you can get the information on the call.
  • If your topic is not there, then choose the option to talk to a live person.
  • When the person is connected, ask the questions and relax your mind from the services of the Qantas.

Contact form:- If you want to file a complaint in proper written format and send it to the airline, then the contact form option is best for you. But to get this, you will need to travel to the airline’s website and follow the next steps:-

  • Visit the webpage of Qantas and open the “Help and Support” page.
  • Scroll down and click on the “Complaints/ Compliments” option.
  • Now, get on to the page looking like a form.
  • Choose the topic to complain about the airline and start filling in the details as required.
  • Submit it at the end after describing your query in the brief option.
  • Wait for some time, and the airline will get back to you with the apologies along with the answers to your questions if asked.

Social media:- To make the way of customer support more accessible for the customers, Qantas has introduced helpdesk availability on its social media pages. Suppose you have any relation to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter without making any call to Qantas Airways customer service phone number or surfing the website. In such a case, you can file a complaint and contact the airline. See the pointers ahead for each networking portal.

  • Facebook - Search the airline’s name Qantas from your account and visit the operating page. Click on “message” and send a direct message to the airline’s concerned team. 
  • Instagram - If you are a user of this platform, then reach the Qantas page on Instagram and send a direct message through the “send a message” icon.
  • Twitter - This networking does not have pages; instead manages the handles. If you have your account here, then hang on to the Twitter handle of Qantas. Click on the “message” and ask every question to the networking team of the airline.


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