How many Kg is Allowed in Ethiopian Airlines?

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How many Kg is Allowed in Ethiopian Airlines?

When you travel to any desired destination with your family, you carry extra luggage; sometimes, the airlines do not allow excess baggage. While traveling with Ethiopian airlines, you must take the luggage per their policies. The number of bags you can carry on Ethiopian airlines without extra charges varies per seat type. For business class, you can have bags under 32 kg and 23 kg for standard or economy class bookings. 

How much is extra kg in Ethiopian Airlines?

If you have the bookings for economy class, you can add one bag under 20 to 23 kg; if you have the bookings for business class, you can carry one extra bag under 32 kg. The charges you need to pay are around 60USD per bag, and you can only add the bag within Ethiopian airlines; if your weight is still more, then you need to send it via cargo. 

Between And Flat TV Size  Fee within Free Baggage allowance (FBA) Fee ( Excess above FBA + TV Handling Fee)
USA/Canada ALL ET online Less than 42” Free USD225
42'' - 55'' USD200 USD 425
56”-65” USD300 USD 525
Oslo ALL ET online 42”-55” USD150 USD 390
56”-65” USD200 USD 475
Bangkok ALL ET online 42'' - 55'' USD150 USD 400
56”-65” USD200 USD 550
Asia except Bangkok ALL ET online 42'' - 55'' USD100 USD 350
56”-65” USD 160 USD 510
London/Manchester ALL ET online 42'' - 55'' GBP 100 GBP 280
56”-65” GBP 150 GBP 400
Dubai ALL ET online 42'' - 55'' USD 100 USD 300 
56”-65” USD 250 USD 550
Europe except London/Manchester/Oslo/Istanbul ALL ET online 42'' - 55'' USD 100 USD 340
56”-65” USD 100 USD 425
China ALL ET online 42'' - 55'' USD 100 USD 491
56”-65” USD 100 USD 644
Sao paulo/Buenos Aires ALL ET online 42'' - 55'' USD 80 USD 280
56”-65” USD 80 USD 340
Doha ALL ET online 42'' - 55'' USD 80 USD 494
56”-65” USD 80 USD 656
Kuwait/Muscat/Bahrain ALL ET online 42'' - 55'' USD 80 USD 471
56”-65” USD 80 USD 624
Jeddah/Riyadh ALL ET online 42'' - 55'' USD 80 USD 230
56”-65” USD 80 USD 300
Dammam/Madinah/Telaviv/Istanbul/Beirut ALL ET online 42”-55” USD 80 USD 260
56”-65” USD 80 USD 330
Within Africa  42”-55” USD 80 USD 280
56”-65” USD 80 USD 330
Domestic Flight 42”-55” ETB 500 ETB 1650
56”-65” ETB 500 ETB 2100

Can I check in 3 bags on Ethiopian Airlines?

No, you can not check in with three bags because Ethiopian airlines only allow a maximum of two bags weighing under 32 kg. But if you want to add additional baggage, you need to pay the applicable fee and add one more bag. You can only check in three bags if you have to book a business class seat, but if you have an economy seat type, you can not carry three bags. If you're going to add one more bag but cannot do it due to a lack of information, then you can follow the process below. 

Via phone

Dial this number 1 (800) 445-2733

Then you need to choose the comfortable language 

Following this, you need to provide your details 

Further, follow the IVR 

Press 1 for bookings 

Press 2 for cancelation 

Press 3 for upgradation

Press 4 for luggage 

Press 5 to connect with representatives 

Press 6 COVID 19 information

Press 7 for more options 

Press 8 to go back

Choose the option and connect with a representative.

Via online: If you want, you can add the baggage by following the process below. 

Open the website of Ethiopian airlines in your search for airlines 

  • Then choose the manage bookings section 
  • Further, mention your last name and booking reference number 
  • After this, open the modify bookings page and then choose to add the luggage section
  • Following this, add the luggage details and then save the changes
  • Next, you need to make payments using any card or other ways. 
  • Last you will get the message of successfully adding the luggage to the contact number.

How Many Bags does Ethiopian Airlines Allow?

Two types of bags can be carried on Ethiopian Airlines: checked baggage and carry baggage. Now, what are there, and what can you carry in them? All of that information is listed below: 

Carry-on baggage 

Carry-on baggage is something that can easily fit in a small space. So, what can be the part of carry-on is listed below to help you understand it further. 

  • Laptop bag, lady handbag, pocketbook, or purse. 
  • Overcoat, wrap, and blanket, 
  • A small camera and a pair of binoculars. 
  • Reading material, carry bag. 
  • Infant utilities like food for consumption, carrying baskets, and diapers. 
  • Duty-Free items.

The carry-on baggage's dimensions and weight remain the same for both Economy and Business class, which is 23 x 40 x 55 (cm) and 7 kg. However, economy passengers can carry one piece of baggage, and business passengers can carry two.

Checked baggage 

You don't get to keep checked baggage with you, and it has all of your belongings safe in the cabinet. Economy passengers can carry two pieces with a maximum of 23 kg weight and a dimension of 158 cm. For cloud nine, they can also carry up to 2 pieces with 32 kg or three pieces with a weight of 23 kg, and the dimension sum is 158 cm. 

What is Not Allowed in Ethiopian Airlines?

There are many things that are not allowed, and it mostly consists of sharp objects. You cannot carry poisons, knives, scissors, weapons, handcuffs, or guns. Anything that violates or is an obstacle to others' safety is not allowed. 

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