How Long after Booking Can I Cancel a Flight Ryanair?

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How Long after Booking Can I Cancel a Flight Ryanair?

Ryanair doesn't allow you to cancel the booking once it is confirmed and your flight is operational. You can cancel the booking and get a refund only if your flight is delayed up to 5 hours or if there is a death or serious medical issue with a close family member. In other situations, Ryanair flights are non-refundable, and you cannot cancel them for any refund.

Moreover, you can make the changes in your booking by visiting the My booking section online or calling the Ryanair representative.

Can I Cancel a Ryanair Flight Straight after Booking?

No! Ryanair tickets are non-refundable, so you cannot cancel the flight straight after booking. However, you can make the changes for free within 24 hours of booking if the ticket is booked directly from the ryanair official website. Here you can follow the procedure below to make changes to your booking.

  • Go to the official website of Ryanair and locate my booking section
  • Sign in to your account using your ryanair email id or password 
  • Now go to my bookings section and select the ticket you want to modify
  • You can click on the change reservation button and proceed
  • Now Select the new dates and times as per your preferences and availability 
  • You need to confirm the booking and pay the fare difference 
  • Follow the instructions to complete the modification 

In addition to the process above, you can directly speak to ryanair representatives to modify your booking. You can connect your agent directly for third party bookings.

Can I Cancel Ryanair Flight Free within 24 hours?

No! You cannot cancel a Ryanair flight free within 24 hours as the Ryanair flight tickets are non-refundable. But if you book the flight directly through Ryanair's website, the airline gives you a 24-hour grace period to make any minor corrections in your flight date and times. You also have an option to reverse the routing in case the booking is incorrect.

However, cancellation is possible only under certain conditions, when the flight is delayed for up to 5 hours, and you don't want to board, or due to bereavement or the death of close family members. In these cases, you can speak to the customer support team of Ryanair directly and make them aware of your situation. 

Does Ryanair have Free Cancellation?

No! Ryanair does not allow free cancellation, except in the circumstances below:- 

  • Your flight is cancelled or delayed for up to 5 hours or more. 
  • You need to cancel the booking due to bereavement or the death of close family members, whether they travel with you or not. You can speak to Ryanair customer care directly in that case and let them know about your situation. If this happens at least 28 days before departure, you might receive a full refund for the flight cancellation.
  • If the cancellation is because of a serious illness or death of someone, Ryanair can use its discretion and allow you to cancel the ticket and receive a refund.

Except for the above situations, you cannot cancel the booking with ryanair; if you do so, you will lose the booking money.

Can I Cancel Ryanair Flight Within 48 Hours?

No! You will not be able to cancel the flight and get a refund once it is operational and doesn't have a delay of more than 5 hours. However, you can make changes by visiting the My booking section on the website. You can also contact a Ryanair representative to make changes to your booking. 

Can I Get a Refund From Ryanair Within 24 Hours?

Yes, Ryanair allows you to cancel the booking free of cost within 24 hours of booking and provide a full refund if your booking date is seven days away. The 24-hour rule applies to all the booking types regardless of ticket rules. 

To get your refund within 24 hours, you can visit the My booking section online and cancel your ticket. Then you need to find the refund application form online, fill in the form, and attach all the relevant documents. You need to submit the form for the Ryanair team to verify. Once the verification is done, you will get the refund into your original payment mode. You can also get a refund by contacting the Ryanair customer support team. You can get the contact details from the support page of the airline.

How do I Get a Refund from Ryanair?

Whether your ticket is cancelled voluntarily or involuntarily, you can get a refund from Ryanair anytime. You can get the refund online and offline by speaking to the customer support team. Moreover, you can check out the detailed instructions below for further clarity. 

Get a refund online 

  • On the official website of Ryanair, you need to find the Manage booking section. 
  • Then log in to your account and retrieve the booking. 
  • Enter confirmation number and last name and retrieve the itinerary
  • Select the booking you wish to get a refund for 
  • Click on the cancel reservation button and follow the instructions to complete the cancellation process. 
  • Now go to the refund application form page and click on the refund form.
  • Fill in the details related to the refund and then submit the form.
  • You can also attach the documents to support your application.
  • The Ryanair team will then verify your documents and request, and once the application, your refund into your original payment mode will be processed.

Get a refund by calling the Ryanair representative. 

  • Dial the Ryanair Customer Care phone number 
  • Follow the IVR instruction on the phone to connect with the live agent. 
  • You can ask the Ryanair representative if you wish to get a refund for the canceled ticket.
  • The agent will ask for a few details to verify your request
  • If they find your ticket and conditions eligible for a refund, they will process the refund back to your account. 

How long does it take to get a refund from Ryanair?

To get the refund, you need to submit a refund request form online or share it with the Ryanair agent. Once your request is shared, processing your refund takes around 5-15 working days. The refund time also depends on the payment mode. If you clear the payment using a credit card & debit card, it takes around five working days to clear the payment. Besides, if you pay using cash or cheque, it takes around 15 working days to clear the payment.

How do I Request a Refund from Ryanair?

Ryanair is an airline from Ireland. Various travelers are traveling from it. If you are someone who wants to cancel and get a refund of your ticket that you recently purchased, if you want to know an answer to your issue regarding a refund, that is How do I request a refund from Ryanair? Follow these steps

  • First, you have to reach the website of ryanair
  • You have to then provide your credentials 
  • From your account, you have to click on the ticket for which you want to get a refund of
  • After this, you have to follow the steps of a refund and wait for some period to get your refund to your account as the original form you used to pay while purchasing the ticket.

This explains to you if you want a refund of your ticket, you have to follow a process, and after that, you have to wait for some period for a refund  . 



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