How to cancel an S7 ticket reservation?

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How to cancel an S7 ticket reservation?

If you have purchased an S7 ticket but, post-purchase, your travel plan cancels, then you can cancel your bookings too. Now you must be wondering about the cancellation procedure. The process is not too complex; it involves the following sequence of steps to be followed:

  • Go to the web page of S7 Airlines.
  • If you already have an existing airline account, then sign into it to find your ticket.
  • Else navigate to the “My bookings” section.
  • Enter ticket itineraries to discover your reservation.
  • Once you get your ticket, you must scroll to the bottom and press the “cancel” button.
  • Click on the confirmation checkbox. 

After confirming your decision, you will be sent an S7 flight cancelation message on your phone. 

How to Get a Refund For The S7 Plane Tickets? 

If you desire to request a refund from S7 Airlines after canceling your booking, then you must contact customer care services at their operating time. To communicate, you must dial the toll-free number: 8 800 700-0707; the call will be hosted by an automated voice. To get in association with a corresponding representative, callers must follow the instructed steps. Finally, when the call gets connected to the refund representative, callers must mention their reason for claiming a refund and also provide their booking details and supporting documents. 

If your request is found valid, then your refund will be processed within 8-12 business days. You will obtain a refund in the original form of payment. 

What is The Penalty for Returning an S7 Ticket? 

Many customers are worried about the penalty for returning their S7 tickets. The cancellation fee depends upon the traveling destination or distance of the travelers. Also, it differs according to different fare classes and the time at which the ticket holder decides to return his ticket. The approximate amount that must be paid by the passenger is 55 to 175 euros. The price might fluctuate. Therefore it is essential that customers avail the exact price information by contacting customer services. 

How to return a non-refundable S7 flight ticket? 

If you are a non-refundable ticket holder and you are in search of the procedure to return it, then you can cancel it at least 40 minutes before flight departure. However, your tickets are not eligible to receive a refund. 

How do I get compensation for an S7 flight delay? 

If your S7 flights get delayed, then you are eligible to receive compensation for your inconvenience. To get compensation from S7 Airlines, travelers need to follow the online steps given below:

  • The refund procedure must be initialized by visiting the official website of S7 Airlines.
  • Click on the “My bookings” section presented on the main menu of the home page.
  • To find your ticket, you must tap enter the order id and traveler's name and hit the “find my booking” button.
  • Once you get your reserved ticket, you must click on the option stating “compensation” after canceling it.
  • You are supposed to enter all the mandatory fields of the online form.
  • Also, provide a valid reason for claiming it.
  • Link all the validating documents.
  • Tap on the submit button after carefully reviewing the compensation form.


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