How do I get in touch with Transavia?

+1(802) 209-2600

How do I get in touch with Transavia?

Transavia's 24-hour customer service can be reached in various ways, providing instant and quick solutions to the passengers. Transvia airline ensures that all its passengers enjoy a safe and unforgettable journey with the airline; therefore, they offer them all the possible facilities and in-flight services. Even though the airline does its best, situations can arise where the passenger needs assistance from Transavia Customer Service. 

Getting in touch with Transavia can help passengers get answers to their queries. Phone calls, live chat, social media, email, and airport visits can be used to seek assistance from the airline. Choose the method that is best suitable per your needs and comfort. The more frequently used methods are live chat, phone calls, and airport visits. To get answers to your queries, you have to keep your PNR number and last name handy. 

What is Transavia's Phone Number? 

Transavia's customer care number, 011 352 27 00 27 28, can be dialed to connect with the airline. The airline's live person will connect until the query is resolved. This method provides the best and quick solution for the question and is preferred by many people. To reach out to the airline via phone call, you need to follow the steps:

  • Dial 011 352 27 00 27 28, and you will listen to the IVR prompts once connected.
  • Touch the key 0 to choose the language you prefer.
  • Touch the key 1 to book a Transavia flight ticket. 
  • Touch the key 2 to cancel your flight ticket. 
  • Touch key 3 to get assistance from the airline.
  • Touch the key 4 to speak with the live person.
  • Touch the key that can provide you with the best solution.
  • In a while, a live chat assistant will connect with you to provide you answer.  

Note: If you find connecting with the airline via phone challenging, you can look for different ways to get through to them. 

Is Transavia Customer Service 24 hours.

The airline does not provide 24-hour customer service but is available seven days a week to support the passengers. The working hours of the airline are 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. You can call the airline or message them during these operating hours. 

Does Transavia Provide Whatsapp Assistance? 

Yes, WhatsApp assistance is offered by Transavia Airlines. Whatsapp has become an excellent way to ask your query, providing a one-to-one communication opportunity. You can contact the airline with decent and logical communication through WhatsApp chat. Be specific and concise in asking questions, and do not waste your time and the airline staff by going into details. To connect via WhatsApp, follow the steps mentioned below: 

Go to the airline's official website.
Click on 'contact us.' 
Next, you have to click on WhatsApp.
On the next page, use 'connect via WhatsApp web.' 
After that, scan the WhatsApp icon, and you will get connected with the airline.
One connected with the live assistant asks a query to get a solution. 

How long does Transavia take to respond to Whatsapp?

Generally, the airline takes 15-20 minutes to respond on WhatsApp. However, it depends on the number of messages the airline receives and answers at a time. Ensure you message the airline during their working hours to receive a prompt reply. 



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