What Happens when Air Canada Loses your Bag?

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What Happens when Air Canada Loses your Bag?

Though Air Canada strives to provide its customers with the highest quality of service and it also pledges to be readily available to its passengers regarding any inconvenient service. No matter what, be it denied boarding, flight cancellation, or lost or damaged baggage,

  • All the travelers will get protection and compensation under Air Passenger Protection Regulations.
  • Air Canada works harder to ensure that checked baggage arrives with its owner, but in case it does not arrive, then you can immediately contact the agent of Air Canada.
  • When Air Canada loses your bag, it snoops the baggage by checking the bag status online also, and its snooping teams also get alerted.
  • And they try to get your bag in their best 24 hours.
  • So you, don’t worry, have faith in Air Canada services.
  • Plus, you can also connect with the team by calling on 1 888 689 2247 to know your bag status.

Do Air Canada Pay You If they Lose your Bag?

Air Canada does not leave you stranded if, unfortunately, your bag gets missed by the Airline. Every passenger whose belonging is lost due to a mishap by Airline will be compensated. Air Canada also apologizes to all its customers for such inconvenience in the following ways:-

  • The fees that you did pay to check your bag in will be refunded to you.
  • So yes, Air Canada does pay you if they lose your bag.
  • As per the liable procedure, you will also be required to submit a form that contains your claims expressing your baggage issue. Submission should be no later than 21 days from the day you got subjected to the issue.

How much do Air Canada Pay If they Lose your Bag?

You do not get to worry if your bag is lost by Air Canada. They provide their best to find it but suppose if the luck goes harder and your bag is not found, then Air Canada will pay off for its mistakes to you. Whether it is about flight cancellation, delay, or baggage loss due to some reason for which Air Canada is responsible, a compatible amount is paid back to its passengers.

  • Repayment amounts were decided as per the laws of the Montreal Convention, as per which Air Canada is liable to pay up to 2400 CAD (Canadian Dollars) or 1,906 USD for damage, loss, or delay.
  • This limit is applicable to most of the international itineraries and to domestic itineraries as well within Canada. Not so much, but yes, up to some extent, you will be compensated with this amount.

How Do I File a Lost Baggage Claim with Air Canada?

The passengers can file a complaint against Air Canada and get the airways to compensate for the passenger's lost luggage. Still, before airways compensate, the passenger must file a complaint against it. There are many ways through which customers can file a lo baggage with Air Canada:

Dial their carriage department: passengers can quickly dial air Canada airline's phone number to claim their lost baggage. The call is the most effective way to describe the bag. Passengers need to tell the information related to the bag, like color, size, or picture, if the passenger has one. Passengers also need to share their flight details with the authority. Follow the steps if you are unable to contact them.

  • Go to the Air Canada website.
  • Open their contact us page; their customer support phone airline is available, or you can call their toll-free phone number 1 888 689-BAGS (2247).
  • After ringing their number, IVR will ask you to dial the digits that best suit your query. 

After dialing the number according to your query, a live representative will speak to you and tell them the flight details along with the details of your lost bag.

Feedback and complaint form: this is another way to get in touch with the airlines if the passenger has their bags and there is a long queue to get connected through a phone call. The feedback and complaint form is available on their website. passengers can click on the link to open their feedback form; make sure passengers fill in all the correct details so that airline authorities can contact you easily.


Through email: Passengers can mail the airlines if they have lost their luggage while traveling with Air Canada. If you are writing an email to the airline, passengers need to ensure that they write an email within seven days after that passenger won't be eligible to claim their lost baggage. All the email details are provided on their website. 

How Much do You Get for Lost Luggage in Canada?

Passengers can claim approximately $1288 to $2000 only if passengers inform the airlines within seven days after losing the bag. 

How do I Contact Air Canada about Lost Baggage?

There are some potential ways through which passengers can contact the airlines about their bag loss. Some other potential ways are listed below:

At the airport helpdesk: passengers can claim their lost baggage at the airport's security counter. You have to provide journey details and where you left the bag and, if possible, show the authority what the bag used to look like.

Using their webchat service: this service can be used if you are facing a long holding time during a call. The passengers can chat with the airline executive. This service is available on their website.

Is Air Canada Customer Service for 24 Hours?

Yes, Air Canada offers 24 hours/7days customer service to their clientele so that they can help the passengers in each possible way; although they are 24*7 available, if you want a quick response, kindly call them as early as you can.



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