Which airline is best for wheelchair users?

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Which airline is best for wheelchair users?

Some of the airlines that are best for wheelchair users and are also disability friendly airlines. It is very important to travel with an airline that provides professionals that can help you in completing your journey with proper assistance, from boarding your flight to reaching your destination airport.

Here is the airline list that is known for its immense hospitality and service to particular people. These airlines provide comfort to disabled passengers by providing them special care during in flight and at the airport. Several schemes are run by the airline to help those people who are in need of special assistance; these schemes provide a hassle free journey.

Virgin Atlantic 

The airline provides help during boarding and in-flight after that when you come out of your aircraft. In case you have some mobility issues, then the airline will arrange wheelchairs and mobility vehicles that already arrive at the airport before you reach the airport. 

British Airways 

It is a UK based airline that has a concept of a sunflower lanyard which basically indicates the passengers who have some hidden disabilities. It helps the airline authority to identify the passengers who are in need of on board help.


The airline offers extra help to those who are in need assistance in case they have the issues with mobility, so Qantas provides a collapsible wheelchair that can fit into the aircraft and it stays within the size or dimension allowed by the airline. 


If you are suffering from a disability, then you will get priority in the seating area. Inside the flight, you will get a crew member who will help you get to the bathroom door from your seat. In case you have a disability hidden in your body for that, you will also get the form on the airline's website, or you can download the document and print a hard copy. You can show the document to the crew member so that you can receive assistance.

The above written airline list is the answer to your question. Which airline is best for disabled passengers? If you are disabled and want to admire the sky and travel to your dream destination, then you can use these airways companies' help.

How do you get on a plane if you are in a wheelchair?

If you are in a wheelchair, then you still have the chance to travel on a plane. You can go through the below mentioned ways that can make your journey easier.

  • You can take your wheelchair and can bring the spare parts along with you, which will reduce the space and become convenient to place it.
  • On the other hand, the airline provides mobility equipment like a collapsible or manual wheelchair.

Don't worry because there are Best Airlines for those Flying with Disabilities, such as American Airlines, Emirates, Air Canada, Delta Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, and Qantas. These consider all the passengers flying with the disabilities and provide wheelchair and mobility aid as well as restroom access to the passengers. 



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