How to Call Ethiopian Airlines from Chicago Airport?

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How to Call Ethiopian Airlines from Chicago Airport?

Ethiopian Airlines is used by a number of passengers to travel to multiple destinations daily. The airline provides several flights from Chicago International Airport. There are people who wish to contact airport customer care services to gather information about parking availability before reaching. If you are also curious to avail the required information and you are searching for details to receive assistance, then you can use the information curated in the upcoming section.

The process to call Ethiopian Airlines from Chicago Airport:

Sometimes after reaching the airport, the customer faces a situation in which they are required to contact their respective airline to receive assistance. Under those circumstances, customers need to dial the official Ethiopian Airlines contact number for Chicago Airport: 773 974 2001. To get a hold of a dealing representative, they must follow the instructions generated by an automated voice. Apart from the number, all the relevant details to contact Chicago International Airport are given below:

Important details to approach Chicago Airport: 

Ethiopian Airlines Chicago office address: O'hare international airport

          Terminal 5 Chicago, IL 60666

          United States of America

Terminal locations: for departures: terminal 1, for international arrivals, terminal 5

Customer service phone number: 773 974 2001

Airport emergency contact number: 773-894-9111

Parking numbers: (773) 686-7530.

TSA helpline: (855) 787-2227

Airline website:

Email address:

Airport code: ORD

Airport official website:

Postal address: Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA)

            Customer service

            P.O. Box 66142

            Chicago, IL 60666

Social media links:

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:

What is The Best Time to Call Ethiopian Airlines Chicago?

If you wish to contact Ethiopian Airlines Chicago to solve your issue, then you must approach them at their best time to avoid unnecessary hold time. It is observed that the probability of the calls made in the early morning is more as compared to mid-morning or noon. The reason behind that is fewer people try to contact at that moment which makes the phone lines available. Hence callers must call before 9 am. 

What issues are handled by Ethiopian Airlines customer service?

Customers can reach Ethiopian Airlines customer service to eliminate their issues related to the following fields:

  • Problems related to bookings, cancellations, or refunds.
  • For seat upgrade issues.
  • For Visa related troubles.
  • To resolve immigration-related concerns.
  • For parking-related problems.
  • If you want to use the special assistance facility at the airport.
  • For currency exchange.
  • To avail lounge facility information.
  • For baggage-related problems, etc. 

What are Ethiopian Airlines Chicago Business Hours?

The toll-free number of the airline is available 24 hours, and customer service counters are available from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm at Chicago airport. 

When does the counter open at Ethiopian Airlines Chicago?

The check-in counter of Ethiopian Airlines opens 3 hours before the first flight departure and closes one hour before departure at Chicago Airport. 

Where is Ethiopian Airlines in Chicago airport?

If you wish to know the location of Ethiopian Airlines at Chicago Airport, then you can locate it at Terminal 5 of the airport.

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