What are The Pregnancy Rules for Ryanair?

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What are The Pregnancy Rules for Ryanair?

All the rules and regulations of Ryanair's travel policy for pregnant women are listed below. Go through them so that you can act accordingly whenever you think of traveling during pregnancy:

  • If you have not crossed the 28th week of pregnancy and there are no complications, then the "fit to fly" certificate is not necessary, and you can travel without it.
  • Once the pregnant woman crosses the 28th week of her pregnancy, the "fit to fly" certification is mandatory to carry from their doctor or the midwife.  
  • You must present the required documents at the backdrop desk or the boarding gate.
  • The "fit to fly" certificates should be older than two weeks from the scheduled flight date. Up-to-date updates on the pregnant woman's health are mandatory to avoid complications.
  • If the woman had no complications or surgery during their delivery, they are permitted to travel with Ryanair after 48 hours, but they need to bring approval from the doctors.
  • If you had surgery or any complication during delivery, you would be allowed to travel only after 10 days.

Can I Fly Ryanair While Pregnant?

There are certain rules for every situation that all Airlines follow, and Ryanair is no exception. If you are facing a problem about which you do not know, and you think that it can come your way and cause problems in traveling, such as pregnancy. If you are thinking Can I fly Ryanair while pregnant? +1(802) 209-2600 Or not, then you must know the rules, regulations, and guidelines the Airline has offered its passengers in such a situation. However, the Airline does allow pregnant women to travel with them safely, but it does come with some rules. Further, we discuss the same and gather knowledge about it.

How Many Weeks Pregnant can I Fly with Ryanair?

Ryanair has several rules for certain situations as all pregnancies do not go smoothly, so Ryanair has some restrictions accordingly that are given below:

  • If the pregnant woman has crossed the 28th week of her pregnancy, +1(802) 209-2600 they will be allowed to travel with Ryanair.
  • If the woman has some complications in her pregnancy, then they are not allowed until they get a "fit to fly" certificate from their doctor.
  • Women with single pregnancies are not permitted to travel after 36th week.
  • Carrying "fit to travel" certification is mandatory for women with twin or triplet pregnancies. And travel is not permitted to them after 32nd week of pregnancy.

How to Book a Pregnant Woman's Ticket with Ryanair?

The online method of booking a ticket for pregnant woman is given below, it is simple, and with some easy steps, you can purchase a ticket:

  • Visit the official website of Ryanair.
  • Put your details of arrival and departure.
  • Select the date, time, and class, and then pick the pregnant woman option.
  • A form will appear that will ask you a certain question about the pregnant woman, and then they will require a "fit to fly" certificate.
  • After the Airline is satisfied with the details, you can make a payment, and the confirmation will be sent at your registered email address.

All the information needed before the pregnant woman's travel is given. For additional queries, navigate to the official website of Ryanair.

How Can I Contact Ryanair about the Pregnancy?

In case you are a pregnant lady and need some special assistance from the airline authority, then in that case, you need to get every other information; for that, you need to contact Ryanair, but the question is, How Can I Contact Ryanair about Pregnancy? You can follow the below-mentioned phone call procedure to connect you with a live person and discuss your needs.

  • You can open the official site of Ryanair.
  • Then take your pointer at the contact us tab.
  • After that, you need to click on a special assistant, which will show you the toll-free number, +441279358438.
  • Dial the number and connect with the customer service professional to whom you need to provide the booking details and documentation so that the authority can make all the arrangements when you reach the airport. Please remember you need to inform the authority earlier so that you will not face any hassle.

FAQS for Flying rules with Ryanair

Q 1: What are the pregnancy and flying rules with Ryanair?

Answer: When you fly with a pregnant lady with Ryanair, you must know specific rules to read before boarding. Check them accordingly.

·         When you make a travel plan with an expectant mother, she can fly up to 28 weeks of her pregnancy.

·         If essential to show the document of the pregnancy within 28 weeks, we require the expectant mother should be fit to fly.

·         In case after 36 weeks of pregnancy, your health care provider always advises you against flying and taking some rest.

·         You can fly with your doctor or midwife when it is essential to fly to your required destination and carry your entire document and doctor’s report.

Q 2: Do I need to tell Ryanair I'm pregnant?

Answer: Yes, You need to tell Ryanair about your pregnancy, as it may refuse to travel at a particular date and time. You need to take some relevant consult with your doctor and carry out a report that should be dated within two weeks of the booked flight and get accepted to travel during your pregnancy comfortably. You can inform the Ryanair Customer Service team that I am pregnant and show the critical document to gain acceptance and make your travel memorable for a longer time.

Q 3: Can I get a refund for my flight if I'm pregnant?

No, you can't get a refund for your flight if you are pregnant; you must go through the airline's rules in this situation and avoid unnecessary trouble perplex. It is said that when you refuse the services by a carrier just because of the normal pregnancy, your trip will not cover the cancellation due to this reason. Hence, you need to be determined to travel to your required date and time, but a health check-up of your pregnancy is most important by the concerted doctor from time to time before your flight.a

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